Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Beberapa Tipe Tipe Struktur Beton

One way slab system:
-Transfer beban dalam satu arah
-Generally, long side/short side > 2.0
- One-way Slab on beams suitable span 10 to 20 ft with LL= 60-100 psf
- Can be used for larger spans with relatively higher cost and higher deflections
- One-way joist floor system is suitable span 20 to 30 ft with LL= 80-120 psf
- Deep ribs, the concrete and steel quantities are relative low
- Expensive formwork expected.

Two way slab system
-Slab memikul beban dalam
dua arah

Flat plates:
-uniform thickness supported on columns
-Relatively light load
-Apartment building
-Economic span: 4.5 –6 m
-Low cost formwork
-Exposed flat ceilings
-Low shear capacity
-Low Stiffness (notable deflection)

Waffle slab:
-Span: 7.5-12 m
-Highly formwork cost
-Carries heavy loads
-Attractive exposed ceilings
-Formwork with panels is expensive

Flat Slab system:
-for heavy industrial loads
-drop panel ~1/6 L
-Column capital
-untuk beban > 500 kg/m2
-span: 6-9 m

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